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Management App

What is Alerion RT’s Management App.

Where the tablet app is where you ring up sales, the management app is where you run your business. It’s where you work with your inventory, customers, and employees. It’s where you reorder products, analyze your business and review sales.

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Multiple Locations

You will have access to each of your store’s information from one point. You can easily compare performance of a store, products, and employees.

Inventory Tools

Alerion RT helps to slash the time you will spend working with your inventory. We have built-in tools to help you bring products in, check on pricing, and performing physical inventories.

Alerion RT's Inventory Tools


The employee features in Alerion RT include:

  • Roles - Grants access to the app, both sales (tablet) and management app.
  • Timeclock - Tracks the hours worked for each employee.
  • Accountability - Each sales transaction shows the employee that processed the sale.


Analyzing Your Business

Alerion RT provides you the features you need to dig deep into your business to find out what’s working and what’s not. There are several tools to analyze the performance of your locations, products, categories, and employees.

Analyze Your Business

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Management App
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