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Sales Report

Perhaps the top indicator of how your locations are performing is their overall sales. The Sales report is a flexible tool that can configure to obtain a variety of results. You can look at sales for a single date or date range. You can review the figures as a summary, daily, weekly, or monthly format.

Hourly Traffic

The hourly traffic report will show you when your busiest times are for each day of the week.

Category Performance

This indicator will provide insight into each categories sales performance for a given time frame.

Sold Items

The sold items report will deliver information on the products that have been selling over a given time.

Product Performance

When working with a product, you can see how many units have sold by month for the last twelve months.

Margin Alert

Alerion RT provides you the ability to set a minimum markup for each category of products. When a product falls below this threshold, it will show up on a margin alert listing.

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