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Inventory Tools

Identifying What to Bring In

Some retailers will build a list of products they need to repurchase by looking at an inventory sold report for given time. Other might be diligent with setting reorder points and restocking levels to determine what to reorder. Alerion RT can help you with both these methods of restocking.

Sold Inventory

Alerion RT will present you with a list of products you have sold for a time frame and from there you can send this list to our build-in worksheet which we will talk about further down, send the list to an Excel worksheet (.xls), or send to a printer for a hard copy.

Reorder Reports

By setting a reorder point and a restock level for your products, Alerion RT will produce a list of items that need to be reordered. This list will be sent to the worksheet where you can work with the data before sending it off to your vendors.


Alerion RT has a feature called the “Worksheet”. It is a place where you can work with your inventory to accomplish several tasks like: reordering, price changes, printing barcodes, and more. You can populate the worksheet in several ways.

  1. From a sold inventory listing
  2. From a reorder points check
  3. Import from a vendor .cvs file
  4. Manually put on the worksheet through SKU or text search

Once you have items on your worksheet, you can check vital stats like markup margin, quantity to reorder, current vendor cost.

When you are ready to process your worksheet, you can create purchase orders to send to your vendors, or you can bring the products straight into inventory from the worksheet.

Physical Inventory

Taking a physical inventory of your products periodically is vital to an accurate account of what you have in stock. Some retailers take the inventory themselves, while other hire out to get the job done. In either case Alerion RT has tools to get your inventory in shape.

If you prefer to take the inventory yourself, one or several portable data collectors will be needed to scan in the products SKU.  Data Collector Pricing

On the other hand, if you hire out inventory services, the service company needs only to put their export file in a specific format that then can be imported in the Alerion RT.

Spot Check

Alerion RT has a feature called “Spot Check” which allows you to quickly check and adjust the inventory of a product. Simply scan the SKU and adjust the on hand quantity.


Transferring products from one location to another is a snap with Alerion RT. Start a new transfer order, and scan the SKUs. That’s it.

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