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that works for you.

Alerion RT has been designed to be the heart of your business, the tool of choice to get more done in less time.

With all the challenges of today’s retail business, don’t you deserve a point-of-sale system that works for you?

Tablet Based Register

The tablet based register makes ringing up a sale simple and quick. The tablet is also portable so you can conduct a transaction from anywhere you have a wireless connection.

Watch a quick video on ringing up a sale - Point-of-Sale Video (5 min).

Web Based Managment

Managing your business can be done anywhere you have an internet connection and a browser. Whether you need to check in on product levels or sales for the day, you are never far away.

Management App

Large Inventories

Retail businesses with a large number of products face time-consuming tasks to manage their inventory. It is not a simple task to find out what they need to order, get products into their point-of-sale software, or perform a physical inventory. Alerion RT was created with this type of retailer in mind and provides the tools and features you need to slash the time it takes to perform these tasks.

Inventory Tools

Retail Hardware

Alerion RT utilizes dependable point-of-sale hardware that will make your transaction process easy and simple. See a sample setup.

Payment Processing

Built-in payment processing makes getting paid easy.

Customer Loyalty Program

Reward your customers and keep them coming back with a Loyalty program. It’s easy to use and built right into Alerion RT.

Gift Card Program

Getting your gift card program started is easy and is built right into Alerion RT. There are no third party apps or fees.


Alerion RT simplifies the process of working with employees, tracking hours, and assigning access to the system. Learn more about employees.

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